This sweet family contacted me to take their son’s 1st birthday/family photos. Our original location was closed when we showed up and we found out that it was due to the government shutdown, so we headed to a backup location just minutes down the road. JP didn’t have a great nap that day so he wasn’t the happiest camper, but you probably wouldn’t have ever guessed since we did manage to capture some smiles! He was intrigued by a pinecone I found on the ground, so that along with nursing definitely helped keep him from crying towards the end of the session.

I have found that most babies are usually good for at least 30 minutes even if they took a crappy nap that day. They will smile and engage… and its only towards the end of the shoot that they start to get tired and bored, which is when I pull out any tricks that I have. I also start the session with the MUST HAVE photos like a family photo with everyone looking, photos of baby alone, etc. I can’t promise anything as what I am able to capture depends on the cooperation of my subjects, but I do set myself up for success doing things this way.

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Golden Gate Bridge Family Photographer

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Cake Smash Photographer San Francisco

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First Birthday Photographer San Francisco

Marissa is a motherhood and lifestyle photographer that specializes in maternity, newborn and child & family sessions. Her photoshoots take place on-location in the San Francisco Bay Area (where she currently resides) and in Hawaii where she is from.

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