One of my favorite photos is of my mom and I (I was 5 years old) under the water in our pool at home in Hawaii wearing the biggest smiles ever. I don’t have that photo with me as it is in Hawaii at home with my mom, or I’d post it!

My mother consistently took photos of my siblings and I throughout our childhood, but she also took the time to get in the image every now and then. Although there are significantly less photos with her in it in comparison to sibling shots, the ones where she is included are so special to me. They are photos that I not only treasure, but my daughter will also treasure and be able to pass down to her children as well. So, mama, you might not feel beautiful at this stage in your life…but your children will appreciate these images of you when they are older and wonder what life looked like when they were born, or when they were 2 years old. These photos will show them how much you loved them and also how much you were loved.

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