The allure of Waikiki for family or engagement/couples photography

Waikiki’s stunning views of the ocean and golden sand provide an enchanting setting for capturing those precious early moments of your newborn. The clear skies and gentle ocean breeze add a natural beauty to your family or couples photos, ensuring a serene and picturesque backdrop.

Benefits of choosing Waikiki for couple or family photo shoots

Waikiki provides stunning natural scenery like its sandy beaches and clear blue waters, ideal for creating beautiful and memorable newborn photos. The warm, tropical climate ensures comfortable shooting conditions, allowing for natural, relaxed poses and expressions from everyone. In Waikiki, you can capture your group against breathtaking sunrise, canoe’s, simple palm trees, and the iconic landmark of Diamond Head, adding a unique touch to your photos. Additionally, the serene atmosphere of Waikiki can help create a calm and soothing environment especially in the morning, which is perfect especially if you are going to propose to your partner resulting in more peaceful and heartwarming pictures.

Finding the ideal locations in Waikiki

Luckily Marissa has the perfect spot in Waikiki with great parking so you do not have to worry about which beach you should do your photo session at. All sessions will take place at this location in Waikiki. Please email Marissa at if you are interested in learning more!

Capturing the essence of Waikiki in your photos

To capture the essence of Waikiki in your photos, Marissa will take advantage of the stunning natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of the region. Highlighting the crystal-clear and usually calm waters, golden sands, and lush palm trees against the backdrop of iconic landmarks like Diamond Head. She can incorporate the unique culture and spirit of Waikiki by including canoe’s/palm trees if you wish, or keep it very simple as well and only include the beautiful sky, ocean, and maybe Diamond Head as well! She will typically ask you right before your photo session what backgrounds you’d like to focus on. Waikiki typically has both indirect and also some direct lighting towards the end of the photo session depending on how long of a session you chose for your photo package. The smaller package will have mostly indirect, and the larger packages will have a bit of both.

Props and setups for your engagement, couples, baby milestones or family photos

Marissa typically has a neutral muslin throw in greige color, a sand colored leather gathre round mat, as well as a seashell or 2 if you have little ones. If you would like to incorporate any other props like numbers, cakes, flowers, lei po’os you will want to set that up and coordinate with the local vendor. To capture the essence of Waikiki, consider using props such as surfboards, palm leaves, coconuts, or even Hawaiian leis to create unique and eye-catching images. These props are completely up to you!

Choosing the perfect time of day for a photo session in Waikiki

For the best lighting in your Waikiki photo session, Marissa aims for the early morning hours around just after sunrise. This time of day, known as golden hour, provides soft, flattering light that will enhance your features and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. The morning light is gentle and can add a sense of calmness to your photos.Try to avoid the harsh midday sun, as it can create unflattering shadows and make your photos look too bright and washed out. So, plan your session around these optimal times to capture stunning moments in the beautiful backdrop of Waikiki.

Dressing for a photoshoot in Waikiki

When dressing for a photoshoot in Waikiki, consider light, breathable fabrics to keep comfortable in the warm weather. Opt for light/muted outfits in sage, soft blue, gray, cream, mauve, etc. Keep your outfits simple to keep the focus on you and the beautiful scenery of Waikiki and consider coordinating vs. matching completely.

Preserving precious memories: photo editing and album creation

Creating a beautiful photo album to cherish your family or partners special or even once in a lifetime moments can be a wonderful way to preserve those memories forever. When you book a professional photographer you can assure that Marissa will enhance the images, adjust colors, and make the images even more beautiful than you had remembered. Once you receive your final images, you will have access to an online gallery where you can select your favorite images, create an album, purchase prints and also products like a photo album.


If you are ready to book a photo session in Waikiki with Marissa HB Photography, please email or CLICK HERE and fill out a contact form and Marissa will return your email usually within 24 hours!


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