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You’ve booked your session and now you’re wondering when is the best time to do newborn photos? Is it when baby is just days old? 1 month later?

San Francisco Newborn Photographer

I tell my clients that there really is no “perfect” time to do a newborn session. When everyone is happy and healthy is probably the best time. For posed/traditional newborn sessions, many photographers will share that under 2 weeks is ideal. While this is a great time frame since babies grow and change so much even in 1 week, it is not a requirement when you’re doing a session with me.

I have found that there really is no ideal time when you’re doing a lifestyle session since we aren’t posing your baby. We don’t need your baby to sleep soundly, and we don’t need your baby’s bones to be super flexible still. Baby acne may set in around 2-3 weeks for full-term babies, but this isn’t true for every baby, so its really hard to say that yes your baby will get baby acne at 3 weeks. Babies may also sleep more soundly when they are under 2 weeks, but I have found that isn’t true for all babies. I’ve had 5 day old babies that were awake for a good portion of their photo session. I’ve also had 3 week olds sleep soundly the whole session. So really, the best time to do your session is whenever you feel ready. If you are so exhausted, dizzy, you can barely walk, etc. then I would encourage you to take care of yourself. We will capture beautiful photos together when you feel ready.

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