Are you trying to figure out which Oahu location is the best for your family photoshoot? When you are thinking this through, pricing aside, think about what is most important…convenience or a beautiful background?


Is a convenient location your priority? Perhaps you don’t have a rental car, you have kids that won’t get up for a sunrise photoshoot (also don’t forget the time change! Kids are always up super early especially the first couple of days), you don’t want to spend too much time getting to the location, etc. Whatever it is, you need to think about whether or not convenience is more important than a pretty backdrop. Most families are staying at a hotel in Waikiki, or Ko’olina, so those are the two most popular and convenient locations. Both are beautiful, but there are some limitations for those spots. If you’ve booked a session with me, feel free to email me about these limitations and I will share more!


If you’ve seen my instagram, you probably have seen a lot of photos with pretty background! Hawaii is beautiful of course, and if you are going to do a photoshoot in Hawaii, you might as well capture it at its best if you can! Doing so might require you to travel a little (around 30 minutes depending on where your hotel or vacation rental is located), & you might need to get up extra early, but it is definitely worth it! If you’re traveling from the continental US, don’t forget about the time difference from where you live to Hawaii standard time, and try to schedule your photoshoot for around day 3 of your trip so you are not too tired from flying but you also have not yet adjusted to Hawaii time.

Regardless of where you do your family photoshoot on Oahu, Hawaii is beautiful andWaikiki is so iconic with Diamond head and all of the hotels in the background included, so you really can’t go wrong! Have a look at these photos to view an example of a family/maternity photoshoot that I did in Waikiki with this sweet family from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Are you wanting schedule your very own family photos for your trip to Oahu? At the moment, pricing starts at $490 + tax. Feel free to email me at for my pricing guide, or CLICK HERE to inquire.

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