Here are some tips that will help you to have a smooth Oahu beach family photoshoot:

Trust your Photographer!

If your photographer provides you with direction, definitely consider taking that direction even if it might seem odd or awkward. The smallest movement of the placement of your foot, body, head, or where you are looking can make a huge difference! For example, I usually tell ladies to cross their legs over like they’re on a runway when they walk, and it might feel weird, but it sure does result in a more beautiful image.


“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Bring a positive attitude to the photoshoot. You might have had a rough morning before your photoshoot, or maybe your kids are not listening- whatever the reason, try to remain calm and positive during your photoshoot. If you are on edge, it WILL show in the images- trust me! You will also be less likely to follow through with tip#1- trust your photographer. Also, keep in mind, many kids do not listen for one reason or another, but we are at the mercy of your kids! So instead of scolding them, try to go with the flow and do what they want to do. As long as it is safe, continue to smile and take direction from your photographer and it will all be just fine! This is why it is super important to find a photographer that is very experienced and knows how to work with kids of all ages, temperaments, etc. Your photographer should know how to direct you to capture moments that you will love regardless of the situation.


Feed your kids a hearty meal

Regardless of the start time, you should definitely plan on giving your kids a hearty snack, or a full meal. It is not uncommon for kids to be hangry during a photoshoot because they did not eat breakfast. This is especially important to remember for families that are doing a sunrise photoshoot. Your kids might be up super early because of jet lag (many kids don’t actually adjust to Hawaii time! so keep that In mind), and you might be busy getting ready for your photoshoot, but definitely do NOT forget to feed your kids.


Purchase a Lei Po’o/”Flower Crown”

If you are doing a photoshoot on the east side of Oahu, where it is often windy, wearing a lei po’o around the top of your head could help keep your hair down. Why might this be helpful? It might get a little old if you are having to hold your hair down the entire photoshoot. Is it worth it for the location? I would say yes! You should however definitely consider a bobby pin (I usually have these in my bag), a flower crown, or putting your hair up – if that is your style/a look you’re ok with.

A few recommendations for flower crowns- Eco Mindful Lei, Haumea Designs, Lei by Makanamai, Sweet Haku Wahine are great local places to find a lei po’o, and a few of these ladies also offer delivery!

I hope you enjoyed these tips that will help you to have an even more smooth family photo session!


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