Have lots of time on your hands? Are you a DIY type of person? If so, here is a fun project that my husband and I did this past month.

I love DIY projects, but I just never have the time because of my photography business- until now! Now that I am not working (family photography is not an essential business of course), I was excited to create this playhouse for my daughter.

I will try to share as much info as possible, but we did not have any instructions on how to do this, so bare with me!

Here is what we used-


2 – XL boxes (ours were from Lowes but you could use any really large boxes)

2 – Medium boxes

2 – Gorilla Packing tape (the tape you use must be really sticky or else it won’t stick as well to the box)

2 thin sticks to hold the roof in place

Pencil (to draw the windows and door)


Please see the image below for the exact measurements

The roof (22″ on each side), shingles (5×7), and shutters (3×4) are made out of the medium boxes and the rest of the house was created with the XL boxes. The XL boxes are basically double the thickness of a normal box, so it is much sturdier.

How to make a cardboard playhouse

We formed the house first and then taped it together/assembled it. We used a long/thin stick (borrowed this from a fake plant decoration) to attach the roof to the house. Then I started drawing the windows, door, and the created the shutters, planters, and lastly the shingles of the house. The hardest part about this project was cutting everything out- it was quite a tedious task cutting out each and every shingle!

It took us about 5 hours to create this playhouse, but our daughter loves it. The plan was for it to be something we wouldn’t have to worry about her ruining, she could color/paint it, and we could also recycle it once we were through with it!

A huge thanks to ,,Little Adventures for our Coronation dress, cape, and crown. My daughter lives in this pretend play outfit! If I let her she would wear it all day every day. She has been so obsessed with the movie Frozen as of late, so it is no surprise that she chose this dress. One tip that I would give if you purchase this specific dress is to hand wash it especially if your child wears it A LOT lit mine.

Stay in and stay healthy!

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