I had such a fun time photographing Audrey and her mama Hayley at their mommy and me mini session. Audrey’s room was filled with gorgeous natural light, she had white carpets and white walls…a photographers dream! Although this was an ideal setting to shoot at, I have done photoshoots in houses with light that is not as ideal. In these cases where maybe a tree is blocking the sunlight from shining directly into a room, I will usually set my clients up directly next to the window in order to maximize the amount of light that I have to work with. In extreme cases like this, I will also suggest that we head outside if the family has a backyard, or even just in front of their front door or house so that we can capture a nice family portrait. If you know you do not have enough natural light in your home, you can always request to do the shoot at my home, or we can head outdoors, which can be really nice especially if we are having great weather!

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