Beautiful sunsets, coconut trees, gorgeous sandy beaches, whats not to like about that? If you’re heading to Hawaii for a family vacation why not take advantage of the beautiful scenery and schedule a family photo session to document your trip? Chances are if you’re on this page you might be looking for a family photographer for your trip, and if so, we (I work with an amazing team of associates!) would love to be considered!

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If not, scroll down for the FAQ!

Hawaii Family Vacation Photography – FAQ

Looking for an Oahu or Maui Family Photographer?

If you’re heading to Oahu or Maui, either Marissa or an associate would love to photograph your family! If you’re looking for a Family Photographer for the Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, or Lanai please don’t hesitate to reach out as well, as we’d be happy to refer you to another photographer if we are not available for travel.

Who will photograph my session?

Either Marissa, or an associate team member will be photographing your session. All sessions are edited by Marissa, and all associates are hand selected, and provided with information to help assure that they are able to interact and photograph families in order to align with the style of Marissa HB Photography.

What types of images will you capture?

The goal is to capture the connection between you and your family. Your photographer will set you up in a specific spot while keeping the background in mind, and provide prompts to elicit natural engagement. Laughs, snuggles, nose kisses, dancing, and sometimes splashing through the water if you’re doing a beach session.

What if my kids don’t listen?

Kids will be kids. Your toddler might be running around in excitement and your baby might be crying. It is OK. This is normal and we encourage you to do what you need to do to tend to your baby. If your toddler is not listening your photographer will do her best to turn that energy into a moment that she can photograph by giving them things to do. Whether it’s running and giving daddy a hug, finding seashells to give to mommy, etc. we realize kids will be kids and we do not want you to stress but rather embrace this stage in their lives.

What if we don’t have experience in front of the camera?

We definitely do not expect you to know what to do. Your photographer will tell you exactly what to do by positioning you in the general area of where you need to be and by giving you prompts. Your only job is to let loose and have fun!

Where will my session take place?

Your session will take place at a beach on Oahu at either sunrise or sunset. If you have another location in mind definitely mention it and Marissa will work with you to find the perfect spot.

Worried about the weather?

We monitor the weather, and if it is going to be 100% pouring during your session there will be a plan B. It could be helpful to plan your session towards the beginning of your trip for this reason if its during the rainy season. Otherwise, in Hawaii we have passing showers which come and then go fairly quickly. We might have to stop for a couple of minutes and use an umbrella but usually we are able to proceed with the photoshoot. We encourage you to consider using sunscreen during the days prior to your session so that you do not get sunburned.

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Marissa is a premiere Portrait and Lifestyle Family photographer located in Hawai’i with travel to the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a wife, mom to a 3 year old, and native to the island of O’ahu. Her favorite part about family photo sessions is when she is able to capture families just being themselves- the way a mom looks at her child, snuggling in together on a blanket, kids running along the beach, and everything in between. Whether you’re local to the islands and need updated family photos, or you’re visiting Hawaii with your family and are looking for a family photographer to document your trip, she would love to photograph your family!

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