My toddler has taken interest in cameras and any type of gear that I use for photoshoots. A couple weeks ago I caught my daughter trying to set up my tripod! I was making dinner, and all I heard was, “How this works mama?” and I couldn’t help but laugh it was just so adorable. She was trying to figure out where the camera went on the tripod.

And then the other day a roll of white seamless paper came in the mail so we set it up for fun and she wanted to take photos, so I grabbed some clothes and she started acting like she was taking photos. She practiced for I would say a good 5 minutes, which is long in toddler time, and she even moved the pants she was photographing to make sure it was angled JUST RIGHT ha! And then she took a break and made a castle before returning to taking pictures; this time she chose a set of green pants.

Emery has been around the camera basically since the moment she was born. Watching her is like watching me when I was little. I also became interested in photography after watching my own mom photograph other families, so I guess it isn’t too surprising!

Kids are the best. I just love their curiosity and interest in learning about things that they find to be fascinating. Is there anything your child has really taken interest in?

Marissa is a motherhood and lifestyle photographer that specializes in maternity, newborn and family sessions. Her photoshoots take place on-location in the San Francisco Bay Area (where she currently resides) and in Honolulu, Hawaii where she is originally from.