I worked with Jet Kids to help photograph their new product – an extendable backpack that is also water resistant also attaches to their bed box! This was a fun photoshoot that I did and luckily my daughter was able to be my model. When she is not able to be my model I have a model-call email list that I reach out to for models. Want to join that list? CLICK HERE

Kailua Beach Family Photographer
Hawaii Lifestyle Product Photographer
Oahu Lifestyle Product Photographer

For this lifestyle product session, my client wanted a tropical background, so I selected a local beach that had a large grassy area, coconut trees, & a plumeria tree that led the way to the actual beach. I was able to capture my daughter playing around in the pretty leaves, holding the backpack in different ways, using the side pockets to hold the plastic she collected that littered the shoreline (double win!), and really just having fun and doing her thing!

We love Jet Kids products and look forward to our next lifestyle product photoshoot with them. I think our next stop is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Stay tuned!

Kids Lifestyle Product Photographer
Lifestyle Product Photography
Hawaii Family Lifestyle Photographer
Oahu Lifestyle Family Photographer
Kailua Beach Photographer
Jet Kids Pink Backpack
Hawaii Lifestyle Product Photographer
Maui Product Photographer

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