Considering hiring a lifestyle newborn photographer in Oahu Hawaii for your baby?

Hawaii Newborn Photographer


When did you start photographing newborns ?

I started photographing newborns 7 years ago when I first started my business in San Francisco. During that time, in-home lifestyle newborn photography became very popular in the bay area. Since then, I’ve relocated to my hometown on Oahu, and I actually began doing beach lifestyle newborn sessions which is also really fun. As of 2024, I stopped doing in home newborn in Hawaii since many families prefer to be out on the beach because our beaches are so beautiful!

What sets lifestyle and traditional newborn photography apart?

Lifestyle newborn photography is typically done in the comfort of your home, or another natural setting and it does not typically involve traditional props like baskets, etc. unless it is something that you would have at home like a moses basket for example. I personally use whatever is available for me to use in the family’s home or whatever the family brings to the photo session. I encourage families to bring anything they’d like to incorporate into their session like their favorite wrap or blanket that was given to baby, etc. so that it is meaningful.

How long will the older siblings participate in photos? 

Most kids will last around 15-30 minutes. The younger and more active the child the less amount of time they’ll be able to stay still. I am prepared with fun things for them to do to engage with their family. The sibling shot is probably the hardest photo, but a lot of kids think it is fun to hold baby (depending on their age), so that can sometimes work well. It would be good to practice holding baby beforehand if you think you’d like your child to hold baby for photos.

Do you provide access to dresses or outfits with the packages that you offer?

Yes, I am happy to let you borrow a dress if you can’t find anything to wear, or if you are in a pinch and need an outfit last minute!

What is a good age to do newborn photos?

For in-home sessions- whenever you feel ready to do your family/newborn photos is the best time to do your photos. Some moms might not feel up for photos in the first week as they might still be recovering. Every person is different though, so its best to keep in touch with your photographer once baby has arrives. However, the earlier the better since baby will continue to grow and change. If baby is around 3 weeks and you’ve noticed baby has developed some acne, you should still do your photos asap because this will not go away overnight. Sometimes it can take up to 2 months for it to go away.

For beach newborn sessions, it is best to do your photo session ASAP once baby has arrived as we want baby to be as sleepy as possible for beach newborn photo sessions. This will assure a smoother photo session.

When should I book my newborn photo session?

Please book your beach newborn photo session once baby arrives.

Do you recommend or offer fresh 48 photos in the hospital?

At the moment, I do not offer Fresh 48 photos which are done in the hospital are a great way to capture baby when he or she has just been born. Some hospitals that you can contact to see if they have baby photography available include Castle Medical, Queens Medical Labor and Delivery, Kaiser Moanalua, Kapiolani Hospital,  & Tripler Hospital. There are some companies like Bella Baby that will take photos of your family in the hospital, but you will not be able to select who your photographer will be. This works for some families, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Be sure to do your research to find the best fit for your family’s needs.




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