Missed the 2021 Family Mini Sessions? These took place in October and there were only 3 dates- I am so sorry if you missed them! However, let’s get you on the list for your 2022 San Francisco Family or Santa Mini Session!

I had so much fun photographing this year’s family mini sessions! It is always nice seeing familiar faces- I can’t believe how quickly your little ones have grown! It was also really nice meeting all of the new families that I haven’t photographed before! I love receiving referrals and many of you were referred by a friend.

For next year, I wanted to plan ahead so that I could guarantee that everyone on the list receives a spot even if it means we need to reschedule for another date due to the weather or whatever 2022 throws our way! You can get on the list for 2022 by clicking the link below! Once this list fills up I will close it. If you have a spot, you can either book your spot when the dates/times are released OR you can give your spot on the list away to a friend or let me know and I will share your spot with other families that inquire.

CLICK HERE (or click the link below) TO GET ON THE 2022 mini session LIST!

( https://us17.list-manage.com/survey?u=6a04eab82e0c501644ed5e5c1&id=1588eb99cf&attribution=false).




Be sure to subscribe to the email list if you’d like to receive updates on next years mini sessions. Also, be sure to include your email even if you don’t subscribe so that I can put you on the list for whichever month you’re interested in for 2022 family mini sessions, as I will email you when its time to book.


You’ll notice that I also have an outdoor Santa Mini Session listed on there as well. I did Minimalist Santa Mini Sessions in 2018 (I think it was 2018! Maybe 2019!? the pandemic has definitely made the previous years a little blurry) and they were done indoors at a studio in San Francisco. I loved them, but I think that I’d like to do the Santa Mini Sessions outdoors this time! I think it will be cute to have Santa standing or sitting and naturally posing with the kids in an outdoor setting. These will be done the last week of November or early December.



Once I have enough families for both the Santa and Family Mini Sessions, I will close the list until it is time to book in 2022. If you decide to let go of your spot once I have the pricing/dates/times available for families to book, you can share it with a friend, or I will release it to other families. Pricing for the family mini session will likely be around the same pricing as this years mini sessions ($450 for 15 min), but I may change things up a little based on what I observed from 2021.



Many families contacted me for a fall session in November of this year. When selecting which month you’d like to do your session on the survey, I do not recommend November. Once November is here, you’ll still need to wait weeks until your photos are ready, which means you might be creating your holiday cards in December and rushing to get them out in time. October is probably the best time of year to do your mini session. Preferably the first weekend when it is still a little warmer – unless your mini session is in San Francisco of course. September could also be a nice month! It is usually warmer in September, so keep that in mind if you know you’d like to dress your family in fall attire instead of summery clothing.



The location is the hardest part about mini sessions! We need a location that has enough shade so that I can photograph families for more than just 1 hour, as we don’t want blown out backgrounds and squinty eyes. If you notice a beautiful location with trees/shade this fall when you’re out and about always feel free to snap a photo and email it over to me! It may be the next location for our 2022 fall family or Santa mini sessions!

Be sure to check out these shots from the Arizona Cactus Garden and Tree area nearby! I had so much fun this year and hope to see you all at the 2022 San Francisco Bay Area Family and Santa Mini Sessions!! Lets make this happen!


xx Marissa