Deciding between a Fresh 48 session and a newborn session? Here’s some information that might help you with your decision including info about the new Fresh 48 add-on option!

San Francisco Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer


A Fresh 48 session is a great way to capture the newness of your baby without having to capture baby’s actual birth/birth story. This session is typically done at the hospital within 48hrs of baby’s birth (unless you have baby at another location) and it is done in the morning/late morning so we have a nice amount of light coming in through the windows. The photos captured during this session are candid and relaxed and there are typically hospital items that are also included in these images like baby bassinet, hospital bed or hospital seating, as well as any other items in a hospital room that might be in the background. You might also be wearing loungewear that you brought with you to the hospital. This session lasts up to 30 minutes and it includes parents, siblings, & baby.


A lifestyle newborn session is a great way to capture you and your new little love after you’ve come home from the hospital. It is typically done around 7-10 days after birth when you feel more ready for a photo session. This session includes photos that look more pulled together and styled as we will have your home as the backdrop, which will already result in a different feel for your images. You will also have time to do your makeup/hair and you’ll be able to plan out what you will wear (you also have access to the client wardrobe). We will capture much more images than a fresh 48 session as we have 2 hours together. However, we won’t be taking photos for 2 hours straight, as we will take breaks for feeding, diaper changes, etc. which are essential to keep baby (and you) happy.


I recommend adding a fresh 48 session to your newborn session as you will capture baby when he/she is still brand new and then when baby is just a little older but at a time when you’ll likely feel more up for a photoshoot. When you add on a Fresh 48 session you will receive a discount!


Please click here to inquire about pricing for a Fresh 48 session, email, or call/text (415) 343-2377 to inquire.

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Marissa is a top family, maternity, & newborn lifestyle and portrait photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her photoshoots take place on-location in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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