What is a postpartum doula you may ask? This is someone who comes and helps new mothers care for their babies by establishing new routines, allowing mom to get rest as well as be on hand for questions regarding breast feeding and any challenges.

As women, we tend to overlook the after the baby is born part, or as it is now frequently referred to, the fourth trimester. We have all the information for the labor and there are many classes out there to get us primed for this part of pregnancy, however after birth the information drops off.

In particular, women seem to be very in the dark about what happens to them. It tends to be a subject that people don’t talk about and thus you don’t feel adequately prepared for it. My motto is “to be forewarned is forearmed”. I feel that times are very different now and because as women we have a stronger role in the world that we can take the information and mentally prepare ourselves if given the opportunity.

On the other hand, there can be so much information available, how can we read it all and

understand what exactly are “nice to knows” and “necessary to knows”.

My postpartum workshop clarifies this for you. It will teach you all about your body as well as baby basics, challenges and how to get back to you and to work. Right now I run the workshop in the comfort of your own home over two nights, in two hour long interactive classes where you play with babies and grow your confidence about the transition into motherhood.


Kerry Patten is a career woman, mother of two and a postpartum doula on a mission to save the

world one woman at a time with her postpartum workshop for expecting mothers called “How to be a superwoMom.”

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