I photographed little Eylon and his family in January, and although I shared some sneak peeks on my Instagram, I have been aching to show you more of their photos! I shot their session maybe 5 days after they inquired, as they were wanting to do photos ASAP due to their son’s age (3 weeks old). Although I suggest doing photos of baby when they are 1-2 weeks old, I have found that older babies do just fine as well, so don’t hesitate to contact me! Older babies do tend to be up for a good portion of the session, but it all works out ok, as I will usually do baby’s portraits and the family photo once he/she nods off to sleep. I had so much fun at this session and the family shared that they did as well, which is always great to hear! Whenever Eylon began to cry his daddy, who is also known as the baby whisperer, would sweep his sweet boy up into his arms and bounce him to sleep. It was the sweetest and most beautiful thing to witness. Check out this family’s session below!

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