Whether you’re staying in Ko’olina at The Four Seasons, the Marriott Ko’olina Resort, the Sheraton Waikiki, or The Kahala Hotel, if you’re looking for a family photographer that does modern lifestyle/portrait photography, I might just be your girl! I photograph many families at different spots on the island from a 40 minute drive to a 5 minute walk on the beach in front of Aulani or the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

Kahala Resort sunrise family photography

I’ve selected specific locations that I am very familiar with, so you know what the end result will be. All you need to do is follow these steps and you are on your way to a great photo session.


contact me at marissa.hbphoto@gmail.com, or by CLICKING HERE,


Share when you’ll be on Oahu, if its a family session, couples, just baby for a milestone session such as a one year cake smash, maternity session, etc. Its also helpful to know what you’re looking for- a group of 11 people with 3 families and 2 kids under 2 years old, or perhaps a couple with a baby, etc. This will help me to begin thinking about which package might work best for your family’s needs.


Next you’ll want to select a date- I typically recommend booking a date around 3 days after you arrive so you are not too tired from your flight but you’re also not yet on Hawaii time as it works well for sunrise photo sessions! Though, if you are inquiring weeks before your arrival you might not be able to get the perfect date. It is best to inquire 3 months in advance for the best availability.


For the specific time, I shoot almost all of my photo sessions at/near sunrise. This is because most of the families that I photograph are from the continental US, which is 2-3+ hours ahead of Hawaii. A lot of families do not think about the time difference when they say they aren’t able to do a sunrise photo session. Trust me, your kids are probably going to be happier at sunrise vs. sunset especially if they’re not yet on Hawaii time. By the end of the day most little kids are so tired from the day…not to mention you’re probably tired too! you’re toasted from the sun, and all you want to do is go home and relax. If you really want sunset photos, and you have older kids, it is possible, so don’t count yourself out if that is what you need. Definitely check with me to see if I have sunset availability.


You will find most of the locations that I shoot at on the package guide. Select your favorite background and keep in mind that the weather is going to do what it is going to do, so your photos might not look exactly like what you see because of 1. the clouds/light that we have that specific day, 2. the tide might be different & the wind speed might be different. One thing that we can control is the energy that we bring to the photoshoot- being in a good mood and optimistic is key to creating photos like the family below. (SCROLL DOWN!) How adorable are they? You would never know that their son fell off the bed and busted his lip open the night before…poor guy did so well and so did big sis. Encourage your kids to engage with you and most importantly have fun.

sunrise aulani family photogrpahy


Select a package that works for the number of family members, images that you want to keep (most families have such a hard time narrowing down favorites and many will purchase more photos- it is better to purchase more now than to wait till later), and amount of time you’d like to have for your photos. For the amount of time- The longer the photo session, the more variety you’re going to get. If you select 30 minutes and you have 3 kids, you are not going to get the same variety of shots that you’ll get if you select a larger package. The family pictured below selected the largest package, mom expressed that she wanted photos of her kids playing in water, and mentioned how important it was to capture lifestyle photos. Based on what she shared I knew which spot would provide her with what she wanted, and because she chose the largest package I knew I could deliver what she wanted.


Don’t forget to read through your invoice. I provide tips on what to wear and certain packages also have access to the client closet, which can come in handy! I had a family that wanted to include grandma in the photos and the night before the shoot they asked if I had any dresses and we found one for her. If you can’t seem to find something that you like definitely let me know and I can share what I have.

Hawaii family photographers


On your invoice, I also share some businesses that my clients have enjoyed working with from flower crown or Haku lei recommendations- ecomindful lei is a new favorite- to an amazing vacation nanny who is CPR child/adult certified, and has tons of experience (feel free to text me for her info! 415-343-2377).


I will send over an invoice for you to put down your deposit. Your client agreement is located on your invoice, so be sure to read it through! You’ll also find directions and info on how to prep for your session on your invoice, so be sure to download and read it 🙂 Reading through this is very important as it makes sure all adults are on the same page. I do notice a difference with families who read it and who do not read it. For the smoothest photo session, I would recommend reading it as I provide tips and help all adults to understand what to expect.


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