I just love how the photos turned out from this maternity session that took place in Palo Alto! We shot these photos at the Stanford campus which is such a gorgeous place perfect for family photos and also a great backup location for shoots that are planned to take place in SF . We originally planned to shoot at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, but unsurprisingly the weather was horrible on the day of the shoot even though it said it was supposed to be clear that day, so we switched locations and everything worked out just perfectly. Rachel and her husband Simon are the sweetest couple and their dog Chloe was absolutely adorable! I feel so lucky to work with such amazing clients.

The beautiful flower crowns were made by Liz over at Fox & Glove Flowers. Liz did such an amazing job I was very pleased with both flower crowns. Liz actually dropped off the first flower crown the night prior, and my husband and I somehow didn’t realize it was the flower crown, so we stuffed the brown paper grocery bag into recycling boxes! The next day I was so confused! I thought our delivery guy stole the flower crown, which doesn’t make sense to begin with. I contacted Liz to figure out what happened and we both couldn’t figure it out, so Liz made us ANOTHER flower crown in literally 1 hour and dropped it off! An hour went by and I still did not want to believe that the mailman took the flower crown because it just did not make sense, so I started going through our recycling and FOUND the flower crown! Some of the petals fell off but the 2 main flowers still looked great. If you ever need a flower crown Liz is your girl! Here’s the link to her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foxandgloveflowers/