Planning a photoshoot & wondering where to purchase a lei po’o on Oahu?  A lei po’o not only adds a vibrant and natural element to your photos, but also serves as a symbol of Hawaiian culture and tradition. I’ve included recommendations below for those who are looking to purchase a lei po’o (flower crown) for your photoshoot. I’ve listed my recommendations by the venders location to make it easier for you to find flowers near you! Many florists deliver, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them and inquire even if they are not right where you are staying or where you live.

 Here are some verified vendors that clients have used in the past. 

North Shore:

Honolulu: ecomindfulei.com, Haumea designs


Kailua: Picket Fence Florist 



When you inquire, I recommend sharing the colors you are wearing and I also recommend ti leaves for the base (in between the flowers) of your lei and then a mix of flowers like orchids, etc. usually look beautiful. You can share my website with them so they can get an idea of my style and then they can recommend a lei based on all of that information. Make sure they know to not make the leaves too long in the front so that it does not get in front of your eyes especially if you turn to the side or tilt your head down.

Incorporating a lei po’o into your Oahu Family, Maternity, Couples, or Newborn photoshoot is a wonderful way to infuse your images with the spirit of Hawaii and pay homage to its rich cultural Hawaiian heritage.

If you are looking for a photographer to capture memories for you and your family or partner on Oahu, consider Marissa HB Photography. Marissa specializes in capturing families and couples against the beauty of Hawaii. Her expertise and artistic vision will ensure that your photos perfectly showcase the essence of your lei po’o and the incredible backdrop of Oahu. By selecting a lei po’o from one of these reputable sources and working with Marissa HB Photography, you’ll have a truly unforgettable experience that beautifully captures your trip to Hawaii. So, adorn yourself with a lei po’o from one of the recommended venders and let Marissa HB Photography preserve those precious moments in timeless photographs.

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